Meet VariTemp.
The ultimate hot/cold solution.

Say hello to our first drop-in unit that lets you easily switch the temperature of each individual well. Create any combination of hot and cold offerings and then change it up with the flip of a switch.

2-well and 3-well models available now!
1-well and 4-well models coming soon!

Always ready
to pivot.

Serving hot, warm and cold items on the same line is now possible. Turning each well from hot to cold, or vice versa, takes just 55 minutes or less, and provides countless serving possibilities for you and your guests.

built with
thought and care.

This unit uses just one compressor and vents hot air on the side, preventing disruption to customers and staff. Its seamless performance is bolstered by pre-installed gaskets and an Atlas-exclusive top frame that keeps all edges below the counter.

Let's Get to it

We’d love to help you figure out how this hot/cold solution can tackle your operational challenges.